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Cranleigh Business Recycling Scheme

Paper recyling collected in a warehouse
Paper collected for recycling and awaiting processing

Because we are based in Cranleigh we have a particular interest in helping local business lead the way in business recycling.

By co-ordinating collections we are able to offer Cranleigh businesses particularly good rates and reduce the environmental impact of piecemeal collections.

Last year Cranleigh businesses have managed to divert a whopping 40 tonnes of materials away from landfill for recycling. There are lots of statistics that people use to try and put this into context……..

It has been claimed that recycling one tonne of paper saves enough energy to run an average house for a year – so following that example Cranleigh businesses have saved enough energy to run 40 such houses for a year! Other examples equate one tonne of paper recycled to saving 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil and 7,000 gallons of water – so that would mean CBRS has saved 68 trees, 15,200 gallons of oil and 280,000 gallons of water!

Whatever statistics you use it is good news that Cranleigh businesses have made a huge effort to have a positive impact on the local environment and I am very pleased to have been part of that effort and able to help this happen.

A big ‘thank you’ to all who have made efforts with recycling. Please do continue to recycle whenever you can – it will make a difference and hopefully save you money too.

"I am very happy to recommend Julia and her company in the re-cycling arena. She has provided an excellent re-cycling solution to our office waste and her services are conducted in a professional and friendly way and I would recommend her services to businesses that are looking to take on the challenge of helping to create a more sustainable and green environment".

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As part of the Cranleigh Business Recycling Scheme, a window badge will be given out to confirm the shop’s or business’s participation in the scheme and advertise their commitment to helping to improve the local environment. We will also issue environmental certificates so that businesses can let their staff know the contribution they are making.
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