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Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard recycling
All types of cardboard can be recycled
Recycling is often cheaper and more convenient than commercial waste collections which frequently go straight to landfill

The Cardboard Collection Service

The specialist companies we use can recycle all types of cardboard, including packaging, corrugated cardboard and cardboard rolls etc.
  • There is no need to remove tape or staples, although we do suggest that you flatten the cardboard to make it easier to handle and so you can get more in the wheelie bin or other container
  • Frequency of collections can be set according to the needs of your business – weekly, monthly or whenever needed
  • We are able to provide a range of containers to store the cardboard – including lockable wheelie bins or, for larger amounts, skip containers
  • Once your system has been set up all you need to do is to keep general waste separate from cardboard waste. There is no need to keep the cardboard absolutely dry – but it does make it easier to handle
  • Our prices are very competitive with the cost of traditional waste collection and disposal and, unlike other services; there is no minimum length of contract when you use us

We can advise on different baling machines to suit your requirements and can help arrange a free 2-week trial period.

Why not let us show you just how easy and cost effective business recycling can be?

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