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Want to Recycle?

Paper recycling collection point by the photocopier
Paper recycling points can be positioned near to photocopiers and printers
Self Assessed Green Achiever

Want to recycle but don’t know where to start? Want to save money on waste disposal by recycling but don’t have time to sort it out? We can help you with the whole recycling process from start to finish.

We are a social enterprise providing advice and a complete recycling and confidential waste service for businesses and offices in the Surrey area.

Four Key Elements to a Successful Recycling Scheme

  1. Set up regular collections, with timing to suit you
  2. Choose a convenient location for the recycling containers
  3. Keep general waste and recycling separate
  4. Inform and involve staff – support from staff is crucial

What We Can Recycle

Paper, cardboard, glass, confidential paper waste and other items such as plastic bottles, cans and computer equipment

How We Collect

We deal with specialist collectors for paper/cardboard and glass. Collections are arranged according to your requirements.

For these and many other reasons your business should take the plunge and start recycling now!

Because of our extensive experience we can help you do this quickly, easily and efficiently.

Interesting Fact……

Over a third of businesses that recycle say it has improved their reputation within the local community which can help boost sales.
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